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Home Owner's Tips for Asphalt Maintenance

  1. Just keep it clean...Remove all grass, weeds, seedlings, etc. that come up through the cracks in your driveway.  They will cause additional cracking and add to premature asphalt failure.  Surface and edge cracks should be filled ASAP, paying close attention to edge cracking.
  2. In the Spring, Summer & Fall be sure to scrub and rinse off your driveway to remove dirt and abrasives.  There are driveway cleaners available at your local supply store that will aid in the removal of oil, grease and chemical stains.  Do Not Use a cleaner/degreaser that contains petroleum distillates.  This type of cleaner/degreaser will erode the surface of your blacktop.  Please read the label and directions carefully.
  3. If you have any vehicles, motors or equipment that you know leak fluid, please get them repaired ASAP!  Until then, place a piece of plywood directly underneath the leak.... it will help save your asphalt from deteriorating.
  4. Tree roots can cause cracking and heaving of your asphalt.  In some instances damage can be stopped by cutting and removing the root.  Other times, the tree may have to be removed.  In either case we recommend contacting a certified tree surgeon to review the issue first hand.