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Home Owner's Tips for Asphalt Maintenance

  1. Just keep it clean...  Such as removal of all grass, weeds, seedlings, etc. that come up through the cracks in your driveway.  They will cause additional cracking and add to premature asphalt failure.  Surface and edge cracks should be filled ASAP, paying close attention to edge cracking.
  2. In the Spring, Summer & Fall be sure to scrub and rinse off your driveway to remove dirt and abrasives.  There are driveway cleaners available at your local supply store that will aid in the removal of oil, grease and chemical stains.  A good liquid detergent (like Dawn) will work just as well.   Do Not Use a cleaner/degreaser that contains petroleum distillates.  This type of cleaner/degreaser will erode the surface of your blacktop.  Please read the label and directions carefully.
  3. If you have any vehicles, motors or equipment that you know leak fluid, please get them repaired ASAP!  Until then, place a piece of plywood directly underneath the leak.... it will help save your asphalt from deteriorating.
  4. Tree roots can cause cracking and heaving of your asphalt.  In some instances damage can be stopped by cutting and removing the root.  Other times, the tree may have to be removed.  In either case we recommend contacting a certified tree surgeon to review the issue first hand.


Step #1


FREE no obligation estimate.  One of our trained professionals will measure and evaluate your parking lot or driveway.  We will present different options and develop a preventative maintenance plan with you based on your budget and asphalt needs.  The price will be based on the square footage and condition of the asphalt.

Step #2

Setting the Date and Time  – Our working days are based on weather conditions.  A SealTek representative will contact you the day prior to confirm appointment.  It is difficult to schedule days in advance because sealing is contingent upon the weather.  We will never show up without a confirmed appointment.

Step #3

Asphalt Cleaning  - Using professional equipment, all grass is trimmed from the asphalt surface.  The surface is then cleaned and prepared using hand powered brooms and blowers to ensure a clean surface.

Step #4

Crack Repairs  -  if necessary (Additional Cost)

  • Hot Crack Filling ($.15 per sq ft. If your driveway is 1000 sq ft, it would be $150)  - Is available as an additional service.  Please keep in mind the cracks should be 1/4 inch, single linear cracks will be the most effective cracks to fill.  Broken or multiple cracks in the same area... are not recommended using this process.  In this case we recommend replacing with new asphalt.  Smaller cracks or fine line cracking will be filled with seal coating.
  • Trowel Grade Crack Filler - This is a sand and sealer mix similar to the consistency of peanut butter.  This is not a hot applied product. Used  when you have a couple cracks roughly 20 linear feet.  (min. $49.95)
  • Gator Pave - This will only be used where you have tight alligator cracking, mosaic design/low areas.  This product is applied in a thin layer and is designed to keep the asphalt from popping out.  This product works well but is a band-aid fix.  To repair correctly we recommend cutting and replacing with new asphalt.

Asphalt Repair/Patching

This service requires a specific estimate.  Each repair can be fixed using different methods. 

  • Hot Asphalt Repair
  • Cold Patch Repair

Step #5

Application of Sealer

Once we have insured that the surface is clean and free of debris.  In a (residential application) we would hand apply with brushes Rochester Jet-Blak coal tar sealer.  SealTek prefers to use brushes rather than a squeegee.  Squeegees are designed to remove product and a brush forces the material down into the cracks and crevices.  You would not paint your house with a squeegee; you would paint it with a brush and essentially we are doing the same thing.

Step #6

Block off Driveway or Parking Lot

We will place stakes and ribbon with a small sign for driveway barricade.  Once 48 hours has elapsed, you may discard.  We will not come back to pick up stakes and signage.

Returning to your asphalt:  Please allow 24 hours for foot traffic and 48 hours for your vehicle.


Hope this Help!  Your SealTek Crew!