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Our Services

You might not realize it, but asphalt crack filling is actually one of the most important factors when it comes to keeping your parking lot, road or driveway protected and maintained throughout all the seasons and elements.

It is extremely important to quickly address and fill any cracks as soon as they present themselves, in addition to maintaining an ongoing asphalt maintenance program every year.  Left ignored, even the tiniest or seemingly undetectable cracks can manifest into much deeper and difficult-to-repair pavement problems.  Water, salt, chemicals and other agents can seep into hairline cracks, resulting in penetration of the foundation.  Over time and often very rapidly, these mundane cracks will erode and cause corrosion and deterioration that may require far most expensive repairs or replacements.

The Guaranteed Best Rates on Rochester Pavement Crack Repairs

Hot Crack Filling

Ideal and recommended for cracks up to 1/4 inch, in addition to single linear cracks.  Smaller cracks or fine line cracking can be quickly and easily filled with professional-grade seal coating.  We do not recommend using Hot Crack Filling process for larger pavement cracks.  In this case we recommend replacing with new asphalt, depending on your level of damage.

($.15 per sq ft) If your driveway is 1000 sq ft, it would be $150

Trowel Grade Crack Filler

This popular and highly-effective crack filling process involves the use of a sand and sealer mix, which is similar in consistency to that of peanut butter.  Keep in mind that this is not a hot applied product.  Rather, it’s ideal for situations where only a handful of cracks are present, or areas that measure under roughly 20 linear feet. 

(min. $49.95)

Gator Pave

Gator Pavement Crack Filling is used to repair and fill tight alligator cracking, especially in low areas. This product is applied in thin layers and designed to prevent asphalt from popping out, or bucking.  This product works well but is only a temporary fix, making it appealing to those on limited budgets or time frames. To ensure a proper repair, we strongly recommend cutting and replacing with new asphalt. Call for a quote.